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Level bin probes

GSM Monitor Unit operation & connection.

The GSM unit is a low power, low cost system to allow feed or liquid low levels to be
monitored, a sensor is placed in a position on the silo or tank at a level where the low level
is to be signalled once the feed level has dropped below the sensor the sms alarm is
triggered sending a LOW LEVEL sms to the designated users, once a fill has occurred a
second sms will be sent REFILL (these sms messages can be tailored to customer needs).
The Unit will take any standard size local sim card PAYG or Pre pay (The units have been
tested with Giffgaff) standard text charges apply.

The unit is IP67 & can be stand alone just needing a 13A socket to power it up or can be
integrated into existing systems requiring a 230vac 3A supply & a dry contact N/O from a
relay or PLC output
If the unit is to be hard wired to 230vac, the 13a spur or MCB should be 3A B rated; all
external control voltages are between 12vdc & 24vdc depending on the unit used.
There are many variations of controllers available
● Single Silo/Tank monitoring mini unit with internal antenna
● Single Silo/tank monitoring standard unit with external antenna
● Up tp 5 Silo/Tank monitoring relay control
● Up to 5 Solo/Tank monitoring PLC control with customer DCS connection (N/O dry
● Up to 8 Silo/Tank monitoring relay control
● Up to 8 Solo/Tank monitoring PLC control with customer DCS connection (N/O dry
All the above will send SILO LOW/TANK LOW & REFILL OCCURRED sms messages to up to 3
users preprogrammed to customer specification. If more users are required some units
can be configured to 6 users.

Other uses
This GSM Alarm unit can take a signal from any normally open dry contact so can be used
in a number of applications including motor overload monitoring conveyor/elevator jam etc
giving maintenance real time monitoring for the price of an sms.


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