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Milling Operations On-line Training Course

Thank you for enrolling on the Milling Operations on-line training course. This course comprises of 17 videos, and a multiple-choice test at the end.

Please watch the videos below to view the course content - access the videos with your PASSWORD in your confirmation email. 

When you have watched the videos, please complete the examination at the bottom of this page. Please note you will need a named email address to complete the exam. You will receive your score immediately, and scores of 8 or greater will achieve a PASS.

You will receive your certificate by email within 48 hrs of test completion.

If you do not achieve a score of 8 or above, we will contact you to organise an opportunity to resit the exam.

Please note that the password will change at the beginning of every month: delegates will have one month from the date of enrolment to complete the course.

We hope you enjoy the course.

Milling Technology Services

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