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Milling Operations Online Training Course



£180.00 ( £150 + VAT)

This course covers and explains how everything works, best practices and new technology that is coming out on the market, how to get the best out of the machines and in particular, what makes a good nut/pellet/mash/meal and how to get the best performance out of the plant. It discusses how to mitigate product shrinkage/moisture loss and also covers light maintenance on plant.

Topics include; 

  • Intake and silo design. Conveyor design and cross contamination avoidance
  • Weighing and mixing
  • Grinding/roller mill
  • Die and roller care
  • Conditioning
  • Boa and Expanders 
  • Pressing
  • Cooling
  • Fats coating
  • Bulk out loading
  • Packaging of feeds after bulk out loading

The course is suitable for experienced mill staff as well as new members of the team including maintenance. It is also good for new managers and formulators and raw material buyers. It teaches the principles of mill operations and mill hygiene by an experienced, qualified tutor allowing established personnel to improve their milling skills.

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